Affirmations Affirmations entail repeating certain mantras, words, or concepts to yourself aloud or silently with the hope the sentiments in the positive affirmations become part of your being. For some, this may prove to be one of the best methods for increasing and boosting self-esteem. That is why affirmations for self-esteem should never be overlooked in terms of their viability for improving one’s attitude or psyche.

The concept of employing daily affirmations in life is sometimes looked at as a means of achieving a external goal. In other words, people may opt to perform affirmations as a means of losing weight, becoming wealthy, or developing the life they wish to live.

Is there anything wrong with such an approach? Certainly not! All of these goals can be considered noble ones well worth pursuing. However, not all goals need to be external. In some cases, the affirmations one explores could be used to improve one’s psychological aspects. In particular, affirmations could be employed to boost self-esteem. Such affirmation may very well be the absolute best way to enhance self-esteem with little difficulty.

Learn how to use affirmations

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silva sign up And you do need to boost your self-esteem! Maintaining an image of low self-esteem is not the way to go –through life.

Why is this so? Basically, self-esteem is your own opinion of your self-worth. Those that perceive themselves to possess little self-worth are rarely going to succeed in professional, personal, or even interpersonal areas. When you self-worth is diminished, you become diminished as a person.

Conversely, when you improve your overall self-worth you can improve as a person. You see yourself in a positive light and you will carry yourself in such a manner. This eventually leads to the much desired ripple effect positive self-esteem delivers. Namely, your thoughts and actions will become reflective of a person that has a strong self-image. This becomes a form of empowerment visible to the core of your being.

Best of all, affirmations for self-esteem are not very difficult to employ. You will not be reliant on any obtuse or excessive steps and the time commitment required to affirm your self-esteem will be far less than many will assume. Simply taking a little bit of time out of your day to perform your affirmations may be all that is needed for the affirmations to have a strong impact.

For example, you could begin the day by stating: “I believe in myself and I know I am a good person. I can achieve what I want in life if I work hard enough and no one can ever detract from the way I value myself.” Making such an affirmation first thing in the morning might have a desired impact on how you perceive yourself. Then again, it could also have an impact on how others see you as well.

Repeating such an affirmation at intervals during the day and prior to going to sleep at night could aid in establishing the roots of enhanced self-esteem and an overall valued image of the self. Again, the benefits of this would be significant and the process is hardly a difficult one.

Remember, how others see you will commonly be a reflection of how you see yourself. When your image of yourself is a positive one, others will mimic such positive sentiments. If you lack a positive image of yourself this is not necessarily a problem. You can always boost such an image through daily affirmations of self-esteem. Why live life with low self-esteem? The only person that allows you to embody low self-esteem is yourself… and you, yourself, have the ability to change such internal perceptions. Daily self-affirmation would be the definitive way to do this.

How to make affirmations for self-esteem

There are many ways to approach affirmations for self-esteem. Each time we think something good about ourselves instead of insulting ourselves or allowing a negative feeling toward ourselves to generate a cruel thought or statement, we are using affirmations for self-esteem. They are simply ways we enforce good feelings and acknowledge our strengths through positive words. We can think them or say them aloud, depending on our situation. The important thing is to bring them into our minds each time we feel like being harsh with ourselves.

As we use them, we are, literally, changing our thought patterns and altering our own beliefs. These may be beliefs around self-worth, capabilities, intelligence, or physical appearance. Always, self-esteem depends on identifying and appreciating our strengths while acknowledging and accepting our weaknesses in a practical, non-judging way. It is the realization that we are all as worthy as the next person for love, success, and happiness.

 Affirmations for Self-worth:

  • “I am a unique and valuable person.”
  • “I am worthy of love, happiness, success, and the fulfillment of my dreams.”
  • “My worth as a human being is unconditional and other people unconditionally like me.”
  • “I accept and acknowledge unconditionally my unique personality.”
  • “I accept and acknowledge all of my weaknesses and strengths which make me who I am, and I am loved and love limitlessly.”
  • “I forgive myself and others for my past and know that my own worth is not determined by anything I have ever done or said.”
  • “I am a unique expression of love and light and I choose to be exactly who I am.”

Affirmations for capability:

  • “I can do anything I set out to do.”
  • “If I try, I know I will succeed, even if it isn’t easy.”
  • “I believe that I can learn and achieve anything.”
  • “I can trust myself, completely, to create my own, unique story.”
  • “I am highly creative, intelligent, wise, attractive, energetic, and smart.”
  • “I trust my own judgement.”
  • “I know what is best for me and I choose to do things that are good for myself and which make me happy.”
  • “I am fully capable of handling my own life and taking care of myself.”
  • “Whatever I dream I can achieve because I have what it takes.”

Affirmations for Intelligence:

affirmations for intelligence

  • “I am witty and wise. I can do anything.”
  • “My mind is sharp and ready to learn.”
  • “I know I am capable, smart and good at making decisions.”
  • “Just because I don’t know everything, or sometimes make a mistake, doesn’t mean I am not intelligent.”
  • “I forgive myself, and I know that I am as smart as anyone.”
  • “I am not worried, I know I can learn anything, and I am already considered intelligent by others.”
  • “I realize I am intelligent and other people know I am, also.”
  • “I am not afraid to show my true intelligence in any situation.”
  • “I am grateful for my mind and I love how smart and creative I am.”

Affirmations Physical Appearance:


  • “I am beautiful just the way I am.”
  • “I am attractive and radiate confidence and sexiness.”
  • “My self-worth does not hinge on what society deems beautiful. I am gorgeous in my own right.”
  • “I exude sexiness and charm.”
  • “I feel healthy, youthful and beautiful with each step I take.”
  • “I am a beautiful person, inside and out.”
  • “My body is strong and healthy, and I love it exactly as it is.”
  • “I wish to be exactly as I am, and I feel good about myself.”
  • “I love feeling confident and sexy, because I know I look good.”



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