affirmations for wealthIt’s a sad thing, but many people today have very low opinions of themselves. Sadder still, many people don’t’ even realize that they hold these negative beliefs about their own value. They sit and wonder why their lives can’t’ seem to get better, why they can’t seem to “catch a break.” Affirmations for money can help address this issue in a very simple way.

Beliefs Determine Circumstances

It’s being recognized more widely these days that the way we view ourselves has a direct impact on our living situations. Simply put, we create the circumstances which we believe we deserve. If we see ourselves as being valuable people with valuable skills, we will unconsciously make work and life decisions that steer us toward a prosperous and gratifying job. However, if we see ourselves as having little value, chances are we’ll make decisions that lead to one dead-end, unfulfilling job after another.

You may be thinking that you see yourself as a valuable person, yet nothing seems to work out well for you. Consciously, you’re probably right. However, it’s the deep-seated beliefs which we carry in our subconscious mind which determine our actions, much more so than our conscious thoughts.

These beliefs are often developed in childhood, and fed throughout our lives. Every single bit of information we encounter is processed through the subconscious. Stop and think for a moment. How often do you have negative thoughts about yourself? If you’re like most people, it’s fairly often. If those thoughts sometimes involve your unfavorable financial circumstances, then you’ve actually been practicing negative affirmations for money!

These negative thoughts are heard loud and clear by the subconscious, and the subconscious receives them as truth. Even if we don’t want to believe them, the subconscious “hears” them repeated, over and over, and assumes they must be true.

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How to Break the Cycle

affirmations for money

This is exactly the cycle you need to break out of, and it’s exactly where affirmations for money can help! Affirmations are positive statements which we repeat, over and over, to ourselves. In time, our subconscious begins to accept these statements as truth. It’s that simple.

You can use positive affirmations in many different ways. Some people choose to use affirmations for money first thing in the morning, while at work, or while falling asleep.

Choose the way that feels best and most natural to you. Affirmations should ideally be said out loud, but this isn’t always possible, especially in public! Saying them in your head is just fine. The real key to affirmations is believing what you say.

This belief is picked up on by the subconscious. However, if you can’t quite make yourself believe in your affirmations right away, don’t’ worry. Simply repeating the words still has a positive effect, and pretty soon you’ll find that you do believe what you’re saying.

How you word your affirmations is very important. The subconscious will not respond to, or believe, a negative. It just doesn’t work that way. Word your affirmations in the future or present tense. “I am a valuable person, and my paycheck reflects my skills,” is a wonderful affirmation.

It is stated in the present tense, and focuses specifically on your own value to your employer. Such an affirmation, repeated frequently, will cause your subconscious to influence decisions which showcase your talents. This can only lead to more money!

Now that you understand the power of the subconscious mind, and how powerfully affirmations for money can affect it, you can begin to use them to increase your own income.  If you believe in what you say, and say it repeatedly, your affirmations for money will begin to show you the true power of this simple positive thinking practice.

How to attract money

Attracting wealth is all about believing you already have it. Feeling positive each day that money is going to come into your life greatly changes your demeanor, and you begin to exude money and financial security. It may be hard to believe, but this makes people who have money more attracted to you, and it helps opportunities for making more money find you. Not only that, it makes you naturally happier and more carefree. You enjoy life instead of spending it worrying.

Fretting about money, on the other hand, only tends to bring more cause to be anxious. When you spend your day thinking about all you need and don’t have and aren’t sure about, you tend to recreate those thoughts and the causes of them all the time. What it comes down to is, what you think about is what your life becomes. Every thought you think manifests itself in some way, and who you are and what you do is a direct reflection of your daily thoughts.

Therefore, if you want money, you have to start thinking that you already have it, know you can get it, and feel certain the money you need will always be there. No more saying, 妬f I only had the money.If money is your excuse for not doing things, you are wasting your life away.

When the things you want really present themselves, money will be close behind. You job is to know that fully. It helps if you can catch negative thoughts and replace them with up-beat statements. That is why, if you want to attract wealth, you need to have a good storehouse of positive affirmations.

Affirmations for attracting wealth:

how to attract wealth

  • “I choose to feel good about money.”
  • “When I stop worrying about money, more of it enters my life.”
  • “My financial situation is always improving.”
  • “I deserve to be wealthy and I know it will happen.”
  • “Wealth is all around me and already in my life. I choose to acknowledge it.”
  • “I can feel more money flowing to me easily.”
  • “I do not place any limits on my earning potential. I can have as much money as I want or need.”
  • “I release my fears and doubts about money.”
  • “I appreciate money for the freedom it gives me and the things it can provide.”
  • “I choose to relax and let money come to me.”
  • “The universe always gives me what I need and I am grateful.”
  • I love feeling as though I have plenty of money.”
  • “Money always comes to me with perfect timing.”
  • “I am comfortable having large sums of money.”
  • “I always have more than enough money.”
  • “Worrying about money is pointless, I always have a little more than I need.”
  • “I choose faith over worry, starting right now.”
  • “I am a money magnet!”
  • “I love money and magnetically draw it to me.”
  • “Money comes to me in unexpected ways.”
  • “I have the power to create as much wealth as I wish.”
  • “I love providing for my family and feeling a sense of stability.”
  • “I love spending money on things that create joy and goodness in the world.”
  • “I know money will always be there when I need it.”
  • “Money is always flowing into my life, and I choose to allow it, freely.”
  • “I am grateful for every dollar, and I know that more will always come to me.”
  • “I use money to buy things that make me and others happy.”
  • “I enjoy the happiness money can provide, but I am happy no matter what.”
  • “I release any desperation about money and choose to open myself to the possibilities of endless cash flow.”

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