It is scientifically proven that our brain puts off waves of energy that can be traced and recorded.  These brain waves are now placed into categories that can tell us how the brain is functioning and very often what that person is doing based off of their brain waves.  Generally these different brain waves are set in groups based off of activity; meaning how active your brain is at a given moment.

Brain waves

Beta brain waves

The first brain wave is the one most commonly used.  When you are highly involved, active, or engaged in difficult mental activities your brain waves are functioning in the beta level.  They are low level waves, but they are also the fastest of all the four brain wave categories.  Beta waves are often connected to active conversation when you have to engage your mental and verbal skills at the same time.

Alpha brain waves

The next sets of brain waves are called the alpha waves.  These waves are slower, but higher in amplitude.  People who are in a resting state or coming down from a busy set of activities are often in the alpha brain wave space.  People who practice light meditation will also be functioning in the alpha brain level.

Theta brain waves

Following these two ‘awake’ patterns of brain waves are the theta waves.  These waves are even slower than the alpha waves.  Theta waves are most often recorded in someone ‘zoning out’.  For example if you have ever driven home from work, but don’t remember the detail of your car trip, then your brain was functioning at a theta level.  Deeper meditation is often recorded at this state as are trance states and hypnosis.

Delta brain waves

The slowest and deepest of the brain wave levels is the delta pattern.  The delta pattern happens at the deepest sleep level.  Often the delta pattern will reflect two different speeds; one in dreaming and one in non-dreaming, but just as often they are considered on brain wave pattern.  Typically everyone enters a delta brain pattern after about 90 minutes of sleep.  This is considered the more restorative time for the brain.

Alpha beta theta delta brainwaves chart

Brain waves chart

The brain wave that can connect to psychic abilities is the theta pattern.  In a theta wave pattern people will often received insight, message, or creative ideas.  Often it seems that these ideas pop out of nowhere, but what is happening is the busy mind in the beta level is quiet and you are able to listen to a deeper wisdom.

You can learn to tap into your theta brain wave pattern with practice.  Often people who have been proven to have psychic abilities have learned to tap into this brain pattern.  But anyone can do it.  The theta brain waves are a function that all humans can access.  It doesn’t matter if you think you are naturally psychic or not.  All of us have the ability to tap into this power that our minds already have.

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