The Alpha level of mind is a mental state of relaxed awareness. Most people only achieve this during meditation or while asleep and dreaming. There is substantial evidence, however, that humans can achieve this state while fully awake and functioning in the world, and that, when they do, it helps them learn, think, and interact more successfully.

There are several states of consciousness, described in Silva Method as beta, which are normal levels, alpha, relaxed awareness, theta, a state of meditative trance, and delta, a state of transcendental experience. Of these four mental states, alpha is the level which helps us learn, memorize, interact and read the thoughts and emotions of others.

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It does this by untangling our brains, and allowing them to work more efficiently, and thus, be more powerful. In the beta state, which is the normal level of mind activity for an awake individual, the brain’s frequency is between 14 and 21 cycles per second. Since the brain is a lot like an electrical circuit, all of these thoughts and activity tend to clutter it, or obstruct it, meaning it is less able than it can be, and less perceptive.

In the alpha state, much of this clutter is removed. The mind is calmed and slowed to about 7 to 14 cycles per second. The more it is subdued, the better. This allows the brain to be stronger and more perceptive. Some who achieve this state even find that they are able to pick up on the thoughts of others.

Everyone who achieves the alpha state while learning or performing a task finds it improves their abilities tremendously. Receiving information in this state makes you far more likely to remember it, as well. By freeing the brain from a constant stream of activity, you actually use more of it. Focus and concentration, memory and learning, and powers of insight increase dramatically.

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It is only through special instruction and/or practice that people become able to control their mental states at will. While almost everyone has achieved the alpha mind-level during sleep, and many have during meditation, few are able to do it in daily life without work or special teaching. Meditating daily is the first step to training the mind.

You can also try to slow the mind and relax before working or learning. The more you achieve the alpha state and stay there, the easier it will become for you. Your life will improve greatly, your happiness will increase, and you will feel more relaxed than ever before.

Classes are available online, there are several seminars to attend, and many free meditations that can help you bring the mental states under control. Breathing and yoga, as well as exercise and relaxation techniques all help people still and quiet the mind, increasing their mental capacity, and improving their lives.


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