What is Theta Level of Mind

The theta level of mind, a state of deep, meditative trance, is a very important state for healing of the self and others. At this level, the brain is incredibly capable, and the mending of physical, emotional, and mental wounds becomes possible. Not only can the theta mind-level be used for excavating the darker recesses of the mind and coming to terms with the self, it can be used to reach out to others and lend them love and restorative energy.

In the theta state, the mind’s frequency is severely lowered. In normal, awake states, the brain churns out thoughts at about 14 to 21 cycles per second. In normal meditation and during REM cycle sleep, it churns out thoughts and dreams at between 7 and 14 cycles per second. In the deep, hypnotic state of theta, and in deep sleep, the mind is slowed to between 4 and 7 cycles per second. Clearly, this is state of intense, transcendental focus that can be used any way you choose.

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The power of mind on the Theta level

The power of the mind at this time is amplified three-fold, and the split between the conscious and subconscious is no longer. Here, it is possible to draw on the power of the universe; a potent power, capable of true healing and renewal. It is necessary to be able to focus enormously in order to achieve this at will, but simply praying – it need not be to anyone in particular – fervently, with the eyes closed for long periods of time can push us into this state as we access the higher functions of the spirit.

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Ancient healers may have attained this state during rituals or meditative prayer. Many today have said to have used this kind contemplation in a time of physical or mental crisis and felt it work on them. Those who have had theta healers come to them in the hospital have reported instantaneous comfort and ease. Even Western medicine is starting to hone in on the incredible power of the mind for repairing the human body.

It is possible to gain profound insights into the self and others at the theta level of mind, which is one reason it should never be taken lightly. The best way to practice this mental state is with an experienced teacher. Extremely accomplished meditators can even find it difficult to reach and maintain deep, spiritual awareness such as this. Once it is perfected, it lends a whole new world view, and may lead to complete enlightenment.

To learn more about achieving the theta level of mind and using it for the self and others, try online courses on the Silva Method or attending seminars. Also, meditate for at least twenty minutes each day to start unlocking the amazing power of your mind, and to increase your chances of achieving the theta level of mind.


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