law of attraction for wealthUsing the law of attraction for money and wealth is incredibly easy and effective. The law of attraction says we attract the same energy we put out. All of our thoughts are energy, and therefore create and manifest our experiences. When we think, for instance, that we need money and don’t have enough of it, we tend to attract that need and desperation even more. On the other hand, when we think of money as something that is available and we believe in our own power to bring more money into our lives, we immediately attract it to us. It is that simple.

Law of attraction how does it work for finances

Most of us can’t help but worry about our finances. We need money for just about everything, and, it seems, as quick as we can make it, we find things to spend it on. This makes is very difficult to stay ahead financially, and tends to give us even more reason to fret about our bank accounts. Unfortunately, this creates a damaging cycle, in which our fears and worries about money actually create more scarcity – which creates more fears and worries. If we are ever going to break this, we need to actually take control of our thoughts and deep inner beliefs and start making positive statements about money and wealth.

Affirmations for money are one wonderful way to break through fears, worries, and negative thoughts and start attracting more wealth and material stability. Many of us are tempted to say what we want or what we need, however, this just causes us to keep wanting and needing. Instead, if we really want and need something, we have to first, be grateful for what we have already, and, second, be trusting toward the Universe. We must release desperation and fear, and the way to do that is to turn our worries into positive statements. No more saying “I want” or “I need”; instead, we say “I have,” or, “I can get.” Even if this is difficult to believe at first, the more we tell ourselves that money is available to us and there is no need for worry, the more we believe it, and, best of all, the more likely that it will happen.

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Best affirmations for wealth

Here are several affirmations for bringing money and wealth into your life. Read them often, say them aloud to yourself and keep them on hand. You will want to use them to interrupt any negative, desperate, or fearful thoughts about money.

law of attraction for money

  • I have plenty of money for the things I need.
  • Money is not really a problem for me.
  • Money comes to me easily.
  • I have more than enough to get by.
  • Wealth readily available to me.
  • My financial situation is improving everyday.
  • There is no reason to worry about money.
  • Money comes and goes and there is always plenty of it.
  • I release any fears around my money and wealth.
  • I will open my hand and let money and wealth come to me.
  • I trust the Universe to provide me with complete financial security.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • Opportunities for making money keep finding me.
  • I make more money everyday.
  • My wealth is constantly increasing.
  • I don’t worry, I know I have plenty of money and I always will.
  • I am already wealthy and blessed, there is nothing to worry about.
  • More money is always on its way to me.
  • Money is never scarce.
  • My cash flow increases daily.
  • I have no fears around my finances.
  • Wealth comes easily to me.
  • There is no amount of money I cannot come up with.
  • Money is not a barrier to the things I really want to do.
  • I believe in my power to bring money and wealth into my life.

The affirmation is a positive statement, which means it can be used to attract positive things. Saying we need money, constantly praying for it and worrying about it, simply attracts need, want and fear. Any time our thoughts go in this direction, we miss an opportunity to fetch what we truly want, and, instead, bring in more of what don’t want. Unless we can change our thoughts, we can never really change our situation. That is why the law of attraction is as powerful and simple as it is profound.

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