Law of attraction

Your mind determines your reality

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states that like attracts like. In this energetic universe, that means that things of similar vibrational quality attract each other. At our most basic level, we, our thoughts, objects, light, sound… everything, is essentially energy. Therefore, your personal energy field attracts things, situations and people that match your energetic vibrations. The key concept to understand is that your thoughts and your emotions are also energy.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, fears – these are all very powerful signals to the universe that determine, whether you like your results or not, what you attract.

The Law of Attraction works just like the Law of Gravity; whether you’re conscious/unaware of it, or whether you agree/disagree with it, the law applies.

If a thought of “I can’t have that” or “I don’t deserve this” is part of your subconscious programming, then no matter what you’re saying or doing consciously, the predominant vibration is a negative one. Negative vibration is aligned with… negative results. That is the Law of Attraction. As you become aware that your personal energy field attracts similar vibrations in the form of situations, circumstances and people, you can begin to consciously design the life you desire.

What can you attract using the Law of Attraction consciously and skillfully? Anything! Love; wealth; fulfillment; material things. Anything. Essentially, if you can dream it, you can be it; or do it; or have it.

limiting beliefs and the law of attraction

Overcoming limiting beliefs is the first step to make the LOA work

The Silva Method is a personal growth program that teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction for your benefit by teaching you how to control your mind at the hyper-suggestive alpha brainwave state (common during meditation) in order to utilize more of the creative, intuitive right hemisphere of the brain while balancing it with the left-brain logical and rational thinking. The program involves changing the way you perceive the world; the way you think; the beliefs you hold; the fears you have; your expectations; and the magnitude of your goals.

Knowing that you can make the Law of Attraction work for you – and having the tools to do it – opens up a world of possibilities.

Donald Trump said it best – “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

The great achievers of the world use not only more of their minds, but they use more of their minds in different ways from the rest of us – now, you have stumbled upon the tools that teach you to think like a genius!

The Silva Method very simply and eloquently describes the mental roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals (especially the really big goals). By studying the Silva Method, you come to understand how, if your programming says “you can’t achieve that”, then your results must inevitably be non-achievement. It then gives you proven, very specific exercises to literally reprogram your brain with the thoughts and beliefs that are in alignment with your desires. The science of directing the mind is called psychorientology. Not only does the Silva Method teach you to control your conscious and subconscious thoughts, it also awakens your intuition for a new way of perceiving and thinking.

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The Silva Method exercises are performed during the slower alpha and theta brainwaves of a meditative state, when the mind is open to learning and the creation/reinforcement of new thought patterns and thought habits. In a relatively short time, you learn to successfully reprogram your brain. The exercises plant the seed of desire; set clearly defined goals; enhance your visualization/imagination; clarify your focus; reprogram your self-talk and redirect your energy away from limitations to the realm of possibility; motivate you into taking action; and building belief. The concept is so simple as to be almost “too simple” – but while it’s simple – just as the universal laws are all simple – it is not easy to master, because of the accumulated limitations in your past conditioning. That is why entering the slow-brainwave “alpha” state is so important to success. It goes beyond rational/logical/argumentative thought, and accesses the ‘knowing’ within you that yes, indeed, you CAN achieve, have, and do anything you desire.

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Silva Method exercises to reprogram your mind to attract love, for example, involves first doing some “Mental Housecleaning” to get rid of limiting negative thoughts. You will learn to enter the alpha state, at will; and perform exercises to make you sleep better, stay awake and alert when you need to, remember dreams, change how you perceive the world, improve your memory, learn to supercharge your mental imagery, and several other exercises with the ultimate goal in mind – projecting the same energetic vibrations as that which you desire. Later in the program, you learn the five steps of achieving what you desire: recognition of the situation; establishment of a goal; development of an action plan; taking action; claiming your results. The Three Fingers technique is particularly effective as a physical action that triggers a desired mental response. Simple, right? Too simple to work? Absolultely NOT, once you have mastered the Silva Method.

Understand how your brain works – Laura Silva explains

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The Silva Method teaches you to develop impeccable mind control (but rest assured, YOU are the one controlling your mind!) – a better term is perhaps “mastery” of the mind – that is, learning to use its incredible power for your benefit rather than being controlled by its conditioned, habitual way of thinking. You can then use the Law of Attraction to attract only desired people, situations and circumstances into your life.

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