Why Meditation?

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Deep meditation isn’t just for monks in India or Taoists in Tibet anymore. A common misconception is that meditation is for those who sit cross legged, follow Buddhism and walk around barefooted. While some of these misconceptions may have been true at one point and for some people in the world are still true, the world as a whole has grasped onto meditation as a way to quiet the mind and become one with our inner truth, our self, and who and what we really are apart from our daily obligations and responsibilities. Our role in life doesn’t define who we are, but instead we do and this is one of the many purposes of mediation. It acts as a tool to increase our happiness, reduce stress, improve our academic and workplace success and control powerful thoughts that enter our mind.

To devote some time on a regular basis to deep meditation techniques, it’s important to recognize what meditation truly is. Meditation is about taking the time to quiet the mind so that the end result will be training the mind for your benefit. While some people use prayer beads and other students use nothing but a quiet place to sit and be connected to their breathing, meditation can take many forms. Mediation reduces stress and has been used in medical, clinical and informal settings as a way to nurture the mind and most importantly, quiet it from the chatter of the outside world. By going within, any number of health benefits have occurred and can happen to anyone who devotes the time to it. You don’t have to believe in Buddhism to be a successful meditation student but instead someone of any age and walk of life who has the time to devote to it.

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How To Do Deep Meditation

meditation When you prepare to meditate, deep meditation exercises are important. Deep meditation techniques will allow you to become more at peace with your inner knowing and inner truth. If you are new to deep meditation techniques, you can follow this first one as a way to become familiar with the workings of your mind and feel around with what to expect from future mediation practices. Be in a comfortable spot, whether it is the floor, or chair and in an area of your home our outside that you feel at peace in. This exercise will partially harness your visualization skills and some new skills as well. Imagine removing every part of your personality from your body. Begin to feel lighter with every piece that is taken out of your body, and as you begin to feel purer, imagine them suspended in air right above you. Now, imagine your physical body and your soul or spirit as two different entities. Imagine your subconscious mind and what it allow your entire being to surrender to your subconscious.

Now you can give yourself permission to rise up by expanding our spirituality to the presence of God. Imagine yourself rising up to God and increasing your spiritual level like never before. Feel yourself expanding and retracting (a common occurrence of deep mediation). Does your head move back and forth or do parts of your body feel lighter than others? Deep meditation is often about going through levels of consciousness which the noise of the world doesn’t often allow you to do. With deep meditation, you can and will become susceptible to different levels of perceptions, visions and feelings. Over time, it’s possible to enter into the presence of God and with practice, feel things you never have imagined you could feel here on Earth.

With deep meditation, it’s possible and the more you practice, the better and more deeply you will feel. By being in an alternate state of consciousness, it’s important that you know you are connecting with a universal God and that leaving an individualistic state of mind, you are now in oneness with a Universal mind, a Universal God. This is the key to deep mediation techniques and once you have mastered it, can enrich your life is many, many ways. As you come to the end of your deep meditation session, retrace your perceptions, stages and steps until you feel connected with your body once again. Enjoy life in a way you have never appreciated before and practice deep mediation anytime you need it to enhance your perspective.

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