Guided meditation helps many people achieve peace of mind, tranquility and allows for peaceful images in their mind to be still and quiet. So why do we need to have a quiet mind in the first place? The world is a busy place, and our position in it is just as busy. We are career professionals or stay at home moms; we are parents with daily responsibilities and obligations to keep our children well taken care of students trying to make the grades to get into law school. Whatever is on your plate, a busy life requires balance. By incorporating guided meditation into your life, you can give yourself a break from a life of obligation and replace that with replenishing your mind to prepare for the next day with a fresh attitude and perspective.

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Benefits of guided meditation

The benefits of meditation are endless. When done regularly, guided meditation can improve your memory and creativity. It can decrease your stress level and change your perspective by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  If you wish to change your state of mind involving your attitude about your current job, relationship or economic status, meditation is the perfect solution. Meditating with a purpose, such as eliminating the “noise” of judgments and expectations you put on yourself can make the result of a clear and positive mind result that much quicker. When you stay focused on your goals through meditation, you can look forward to self-transformations in a way that no other changes in your life can create.

guided meditation Guided meditation can take on many forms. Since it is difficult to go from never having meditated before to sitting with a quiet mind for a lengthy period of time, guided meditation can be the perfect transition.  Meditation guides can come in the form of relaxing CD’s or DVD’s, as well as professional guides who can walk you through a relaxing meditation in person. Chakra meditation CD’s can provide the guidance to walk your mind through thoughts, ideas and new perspectives (learn about: Chakras). Guided meditation involves deep breathing which instantly has the ability to relax the mind. A guided form of meditation can be useful for anyone who has tried to meditate on their own but quickly becomes frustration as thoughts automatically come and go in their mind. Although this is normal, it can help to have guided thoughts and visualizations to distract your mind from automatic thinking of its own.

One of the best things about guided meditation is that it is never without purpose. When we are so busy with our daily responsibilities, expectations we put on ourselves and obligations to fulfill for other’s gain, we can lose sight of our own personal goals. Guided meditation can be the perfect calming balance you need to come back to yourself and remain focused on your goals and dreams. Mediation is also a great tool for restoring meaning in your life. Without mediation, we are likely to “do” instead of just “be” and when that happens, we can become irritable, emotional and feel “lost” with our purpose in life. Guided meditation can be purposeful in many ways, and not just to help us center back to our true selves. If you experience the same challenges over and over again by repeating patterns in love or career, guided meditation can help you to uncover past lives. Guided meditation can also help individuals to release their most negative emotions and unblock bad energy that is preventing them from living a productive and happy life.

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How to meditate

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If you are dealing with hardships leading you to feel overwhelmed about your current romantic relationship, job loss or inability to handle life’s problems in a constructive way, guided meditation is a great step in the right direction. Guided meditation CD’s can be purchased online or in a number of bookstores and music stores, and can be spoken by a man or woman’s voice. If you have ongoing challenges involving major issues in your life, guided meditation can be an ongoing process or a one time or every once in a while situation. Whether you engage in guided meditation sessions right before bed or first thing in the morning, it will certainly set a healthy tone for your life and in many ways. Relaxing in this often hectic world isn’t easy and many of us need the tools to calm our mind long enough to refocus and reenergize. As one of the simplest ways for anyone to meditate regardless of experience or knowledge, guided meditation can be done from nearly anywhere and with immediate success.

Many people find guided mediation to work wonders in eliminating health conditions. Back pain, athsma, cancer or the common cold can be improved just by taking the time to meditate each day. Lie down on a comfortable surface or sit up with legs crossed and a straight back. Begin to breath in and out, deeply but not in an uncomfortable manner. As you inhale, think of a peaceful thought and as you exhale, focus on releasing any negative emotion you have. Play your CD as you envision a feeling of peace of mind, tranquility and love. As you go through your guided meditation, remain aware of how your body is reacting and feels. Do your muscles feel relaxed and are you continuing to breathe deeply? If negative thoughts come into your mind, that’s ok. Try not to resist them but instead, acknowledge their presence and return to your guided mediation. Over time, negative thinking patterns will decrease, your health will improve and best of all, you will attract a greater amount of love, happiness, wealth and joy into your life.

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