negative_energyWhen you stop to think about all the ways negativity can hold you back, you surely must realize how important it is to bring yourself out of the funk you might be in, and fill your being with positive energy and the light of healing, instead.

One of the best ways to remove negative energy is through various forms of meditation. Whether you meditate alone, with a teacher, or with the aid of a

guided meditation soundtrack, you are certain to find that you enjoy the secluded sense of enlightenment as well as the refreshed, positive outlook meditating can bring. There’s no need to visit a church or temple to meditate, unless you feel that doing so helps you to focus. It is something that takes only a few minutes, and it’s one of those wonderful things you can engage in just about anywhere.

There are as many forms of meditation as there are people in the world. If you don’t meditate now and you want to, but don’t feel you have the time to really work on a specific act of meditation, you’ll find the following methods useful for replacing negative thoughts and feelings with a more positive, reality based sense of being.

Transcendental Meditation

The word “Transcendental” contains the word “Transcend” – and by using this form of meditation, a person really can transcend the negativity that tends to build up and feel overwhelming at times. In a nutshell, you sit or lie comfortably, and witness the world going by, with your eyes closed. You focus on your breathing, and you listen to the sounds of birds singing, ocean waves crashing, or the wind rustling in the trees – if you live in the city, you could listen to the swooshing of traffic passing beneath your window.

In Transcendental meditation, you prevent yourself from thinking any specific thoughts by using a sound or mantra to transport you back to the simple act of relaxed witness of the world you inhabit. When you’re using this form


 of meditation to remove negativity, try using the mantra “I am well” or “All is light” to keep moving positive feelings into your personal space.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is an active form of meditating in which you focus on the action of walking as you walk. Doing this clears your mind and removes negative energy in a few ways. First, moving your muscles clears stagnant energy from your body – and secondly, as the act of physically exercising clears the toxins from your cells, the mental focus clears negative thoughts from your mind and makes room for new, more positive thinking.

Fight negativity with meditation

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silva sign up Walking meditation is not difficult – in fact, it is one of the easiest forms of meditation and one of the best for beginners. Once you learn how to do it, you can take advantage of it anywhere – while moving from your car to the front entryway of your office, or on longer walks, out in nature. Below are instructions for trying walking meditation for the first time.

For your first attempt at walking meditation, choose an outdoor area that is relatively clear of distractions and traffic. A large park will do, but a nature trail is better. You want to walk with no clear destination in mind. You have nowhere to go, and nothing to do, but focus on the act of walking. As you begin to walk, notice the way each foot feels as it touches down on the earth. Feel your foot move from heel to toe, and feel the impact of your foot move up your body. Feel your knees bend and your hips sway. Focus on the energy of your breath as you walk. Your breathing is a part of walking and a part of your life. It is a vital force. Breathe deeply, and regularly. Walking meditation is not meant to be strenuous. If you find yourself lost in thought, rather than focusing on your walking, bring your awareness back to walking. Be gentle with yourself! It takes time to build a meditative practice. Once you are finished with your walking meditation, consider trying a seated meditation. Feel the warmth of your body and the beating of your heart – it may be a little more rapid, due to the exercise you just engaged in. If you are seated outside, feel the sun on your face and feel the last vestiges of negativity leaving your body as you relax.

Once you have established a practice of any kind of meditation, you will find that it is easier and easier to shift your focus from negativity to self awareness very easily. Try this any time you are feeling the following emotions:

  • Dissatisfaction – are you dissatisfied with life in general? Don’t stop to think about why – rather, focus your awareness on the beautiful gift that is your life’s energy. By balancing yourself in this way you will find yourself becoming more and more satisfied all the time.
  • Anger – If you are angry, stop thinking about the circumstances and focus your awareness on your eternal, internal being. As the negativity of anger fades away, replace it with the white light of courage and inner peace.
  • Pessimism – Pessimism only manifests negative things in your life – and negativity manifests even more of itself. If you find you are feeling a sense of pessimism about anything – be it waiting at a traffic light, or waiting to find out whether you’re going to be hired for a job, or any other event in your life, release the pessimism immediately by breathing in and out, and focusing on something positive.

Remember, negative energy can take hold at any time, and the longer you let it live within you, the harder it can be to eradicate. By being mindful of your own internal state of being, you can grab that negativity by the roots, just like a little weed in the garden, and remove it from your mind before it causes any real damage. The more you practice, the easier this will be!

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