improve memoryOne of the most powerful Silva Method techniques for improving memory is the Method of Loci, which involves associating something you wish to recall with familiar objects in unexpected, visually delightful and interesting ways using mental imagery. The human brain operates primarily on imagery (even these words you are reading conjure up images in your brain and these images are unique to you, uniquely classified and stored by you, based on your experiences). So to improve your memory, it makes sense to associate things you wish to remember with vivid, fun, attractive, easily-retrieved images.

The problem with memory is not storage – anything that’s been impressed on the brain remains there. The problem is retrieval. Learning to remember dreams, to associate information with visual clues, and using the Three Fingers Technique to program the desire to remember at will boosts your ability to retrieve any memory, at any time.

improve memory with three fingers technique

The correct way to hold fingers in the Three Finger Technique

The Silva Method teaches the Three Fingers Technique as a simple physical action (bringing the thumb and first two fingers of the hand together) that automatically triggers a desired mental response, programmed by you. When you wish to remember something, you can use the Three Fingers Technique. When you bring together the thumb and first two fingers of either hand, you adjust your consciousness to a deeper awareness level – the alpha brainwave state. At the alpha state, your mind is very open to new information and self-programming (suggestion). You absorb information through your senses, and your brain is programmed to be specifically aware of “this” information (focus on specific information) and to store it for easy retrieval.

To use the Three Fingers Technique to improve your memory, you enter your alpha brainwave state and program your mind to remember. Before you begin assimilating information, you bring your thumb and first two fingers together – this is the trigger for you to enter the alpha state. Once in the alpha state, you set your intention that you wish to remember (x,y,z) for example, you state to yourself that you wish to remember the names of all of the people at a party. Then, during the party, your mind is already programmed to remember names and associate them with familiar objects (or “file” them away using any visual association you have chosen). After the party, whenever you need to recall the names of people you met at the social gathering, you can use the Three Fingers Technique to re-enter the alpha brainwave state and recall their names at will, effortlessly.

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The Three Fingers Technique can be used in many other beneficial ways by issuing commands to your brain:

  • You can program yourself to be more intuitive by commanding your brain to be aware of right-brain ideas and accept them rather than dismiss them because they’re not logical.
  • You can program yourself to be more understanding by commanding your brain to see things or events from multiple perspectives or points of view. This is an essential skill in negotiations and in problem-solving.
  • You can program yourself to get through any fearful situation by commanding your brain to perceive something frightening as something exciting (in fact, the physiological response is identical – it’s only our perception, our thoughts about something, that make it frightening or exciting). You can also command your brain to refuse the feeling of fear and replace it with eager anticipation or another positive emotion and perspective.
  • You can program yourself to be more persuasive by commanding your brain to quickly come up with solutions that are mutually beneficial to both parties in a negotiation. In a sales situation, you can program your brain to better understand the customer’s needs, and come up with multiple ways to explain how your service/product will meet those needs (multiple ways meaning both right- and left-brain ways, at least one of which will appeal to the customer).
  • You can program yourself to pay better attention to something important and not allow yourself to be distracted by commanding your brain to interpret distractions as things that are beneficial to your ability to focus.
  • You can program yourself to be more loving by commanding your brain to see the other person with greater compassion, understanding and lack of judgment. You can program your mind to accept alternative points of view; in fact, refusal to acknowledge or understand alternative points of view is the underlying reason for all disagreements and misunderstandings!
  • You can program yourself to remain calm in any stressful situation – emotional control is absolutely essential to having good personal and professional relationships! If you can learn to control your emotions, you will never “fly off the handle,” reacting impulsively and destructively in the heat of the moment.

All of these can be done by using the simple act of using the Three Fingers Technique. Anything you wish to program into your mind, you can do. It’s simple, it’s effective, and there are many, many instances where the use of the Three Fingers Technique can turn a bad situation into a good one.

Again, the Silva Method uses simple techniques that on the surface seem silly. But once you learn to engage your right brain hemisphere, you will immediately see positive results. There is beauty, and effectiveness, in the simplicity of the program. Use it to your benefit today!

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