Are you having trouble with memory recall? You’re not alone! Many of us get frustrated when we can’t remember simple things, let alone complicated concepts. Part of the problem is today’s information-overloaded world, where information is flying at us at the speed of light… it’s no wonder there’s often just too much to remember! That said, there are ways to improve your memory.

Poor memory recall can be caused by stress!

You can take a three-pronged approach to improving your memory. First, focus on taking care of your brain’s health; second, learn memory skills, and third, learn mental mastery with the Silva Method. You can improve your memory by using the following tips, and have some fun along the way!

Brain Health Tips

1. Feed your brain well! Eat well, and drink enough water. Your brain is an organ that needs excellent nutrition and adequate hydration to function properly. If you’ve ever had a headache due to thirst, it’s because your brain shrunk in volume! It’s an organ that’s mostly made of fatty tissue and water. The electrochemical connections in the brain work much better if there is adequate hydration and the right mix of nutrients. Fish oil (Omega-3) is considered by many to be exceptionally beneficial, but there is no one “miracle brain food” – a balanced diet of healthy, whole, organic food is best. Stay away from sugar and stimulants which keep you on the energy roller coaster.

2. Exercise. Oxygenate your brain frequently! Exercise wards off aging and promotes healthy cell regeneration, stimulates circulation and helps sharpen your mental faculties – especially if you are very focused and your exercise challenges your brain (anything that requires heightened focus, attention and planning, such as tennis). You also focus better when you’ve burned off some excess energy.

Take care of your body to improve your memory3. Get enough sleep. Use the Silva Method to de-stress and use the program’s Sleep Control and Awake Control exercises to promote healthy sleep patterns. A rested brain is a sharp brain!

4. Use brain games and exercises to work your brain. The brain is neuroplastic, meaning it’s designed to change, adapt and create new neural pathways – always learning more and more.

Memory Improvement Tips:

1. Be curious! Be the little kid who never stops asking, “why” and you’ll get a much deeper understanding of the material you’re learning. Asking “who-what-when-where-why” primes your brain for learning and retention. The more fascinated you are with something, the more you absorb about it – and the more you will remember. Is the subject matter boring and dry? Make it fun, with imagery (tip #2):

2. Have fun with imagery. We remember using imagery and association, so the more vivid an image you can create around a memory, the easier it will be to recall it. Be wild, crazy, silly, bold, colorful and memorable! You can make the most boring material fun by assigning crazy imagery to it. Then it will be an easy matter to remember. The Silva Method’s memory technique, the “Method of Loci” teaches you to assign a memory to something familiar in your life, for easy recall later. You can also assign rhymes, music or any other tool to assist you.

3. Teach it. Even if you never actually pass on the knowledge or skill you’re learning, pretend that you will be asked to teach it – very soon. When you share information, you have to present it in a coherent way. This forces you to focus on it to understand it well, and to organize it in your mind. This helps greatly with information recall.

4. Program yourself for success. Saying things like, “I’m no good at remembering names” or “I just can’t ever remember (blablabla)” means you’re subconsciously programming yourself for memory failure! Instead, try these statements: “It’s momentarily slipped my mind but I’ll remember it shortly” or “Her name is right on the tip of my tongue! I’ll remember it in a minute.” Learn to program for remembering by using the Three Fingers technique – part of the Silva Method.

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Mental Mastery:

Develop the focus and concentration necessary to learn, retain and retrieve information. The Silva Method program teaches you to focus and to master your thoughts and emotions so that you’re not continually distracted by mental chatter or emotions when you’re trying to learn or remember something. You also benefit from learning how to relax while trying to remember something. Being pressured to remember something can easily block the memory! Relaxing into the alpha brainwave state will help release the stressful thoughts and emotions that prevent you from remembering.

The Silva Method program centers around learning to function consciously at the alpha brainwave level, which is more relaxed than the normal waking beta state. Learning to relax into alpha anytime you need to is an essential life skill! Stress is detrimental to memory, health, emotional stability, clear thinking and more… but you don’t need to be at the mercy of stress ever again if you learn to enter alpha anytime.

Being in alpha means you’re more attuned to the creative, imaginative side of your brain; since imagery is very much a part of memory, you’ll have an easier time of recall when you’re in alpha. The Silva Method focuses on the power of the imagination to help create a life you desire. A beneficial by-product of imagination is the ability to assign visual images to memories you’re creating now, which will make recall much easier down the road.Improving your memory means improving your imagery - go BOLD!

Alpha is also the state in which you can use the Silva Method’s Three Fingers technique to program yourself to remember and recall anything you’ve learned – yes, anything! Once you learn something, or once some bit of information has been processed by your brain, it’s in there. It’s not going away. But it may be buried deep in the darkest archives of your brain.

If you apply mental mastery (focus, concentration and ability to de-stress and shut down distractions) with memory improvement tips and good brain care, you will enjoy the best memory recall of your life!

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