Dreams have different meanings to people, but you can use them to help control your mental abilities. Through the use of dream control, you can exercise your mind and put your dreams to practical use allowing you to enhance your life.

dream control

What Are Dreams?

Dreams are basically a succession of ideas, images, sensations and emotions that occur in the mind during sleep. They are mostly involuntary, in which people simply watch by as their dreams unfold. Our dreams are basically a connection to our subconscious and can range from ordinary to bizarre and surreal and can range from exiting, frightening, melancholic, happy or magical. They can inspire people to be more creative, or in some cases, reveal things about one’s life. They can even help solve problems. Not everyone wakes up remembering his or her dreams. In fact, some people even think they don’t dream at all. However, what scientists note is that everybody indeed has dreams. What happens mostly is that people do not remember them when they wake up. You can change that, however, with the help of dream control.

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What Is Dream Control And Why is It Important?

What exactly is dream control and what makes it important? Dream control is basically a technique that is used to remember one’s dreams. Doing so can help you develop mental control and even help solve problems that you have in mind or provide you with information on things that you wish to understand. Dream control also helps you control your dreams and generate ones that you desire, instead of constantly having nightmares and undesirable dreams.

Dream Control Tips

Step 1

The first step to dream control is to remember one dream. You will first need to enter the alpha level of mind using the 3-2-1 method. Once you enter alpha, you can start using positive affirmations and telling yourself about wanting to remember a drea. Affirmations that you can use include:

  • “I am going to have a dream”
  • “I am going to remember the dream.”
  • “I am going to wake up remembering my dream.”

From then, you will go to sleep. In the morning or in the middle of the night, you will eventually wake up remembering your dream. Record your dream by writing it down. You can continue this practice regularly until you are satisfied with how you are able to regularly control your dreams.

Step 2

The second step is to learn to remember all dreams. It’s good to note that we usually have more than one dream, so you can continue with what you do in step one, but during alpha level, you affirm and positively tell yourself that you will remember several dreams – not just one. Once your response to step one and two is good, you can then continue to step three.

dream control


Step 3

The third step is the last step in dream control, and this is to actually generate a dream. You can use the dream to generate solutions for your problems, too. At alpha, all you have to do is positively tell yourself that you can generate a dream, and what dream you would want to generate. Once you wake up and remember the dream – record and understand it. Aside from problem solving, you can use dream control to generate pleasant dreams – which is beneficial if you usually get nightmares.

Tips from Laura Silva how to use dream control

Dream Control Takes Time

Before starting your dream control exercises, it’s good to remember that these things take time. Hence, practice always makes perfect. Do not start step two before perfecting step one, and do not start step three before perfecting step two. It may take time, but the results are definitely worth it – so start practicing dream control today!

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