Overcoming anxiety may seem impossible...Unless they have experienced anxiety, people probably don’t understand how debilitating it can be. They might try to encourage you to be strong and do what you need to do, and so they say, “stop worrying so much.” Or… “It’s all in your head!”

Well of course it’s in your head – but how do you get it OUT?

Anxiety can leave you feeling that you have no control over your life. You may feel helpless and suffer from intense panic attacks.  Anxiety can paralyze you into inaction, cause you to make rash decisions, ruin your sleep, ruin your health, and keep you from enjoying life.

So what do people do? Too many turn to medicine for relief. Prescription drugs can ease the symptoms of anxiety, but they don’t do anything for the reason you’re anxious in the first place. Relying on prescription drugs can lead to a possible dependency, and the anxiety is always there, just under the surface, waiting for exactly the wrong moment in your life to pounce.

You Don’t Have to Live With Anxiety!

You don’t have to live with anxiety, if you learn how to keep it from taking over in the first place!

So how do you get to the root of your anxiety? The Silva Method recommends learning to calm yourself in any situation to keep it from going from bad to worse, before you do anything else. In the Silva Method program, you learn to mentally and physically relax yourself within minutes.

The Automatic Stress Response

Using mind control to overcome anxiety

When you’re in a difficult situation, or if you’re just thinking about some problem you may be having that seems totally enormous and overwhelming, your brain has an automatic stress response. Stress hormones are released when they’re triggered by thoughts or events that cause you anxiety, causing an immediate and powerful “fight or flight” response. What happens then is equally automatic – the downward spiral. You get caught up in the emotions and you start thinking even more about the situation, causing more emotional responses… and it’s an ugly downward spiral. If this stress is not released somehow, your body can sustain lasting damage. The benefits of the ability to self-soothe immediately become apparent as an immediate relief from an anxiety attack.

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Use Silva Meditation to overcome anxiety

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Overriding the Automatic Response

The ability to calm yourself immediately can make you far less prone to having anxiety. If you feel the signs of anxiety coming on, accompanied by uncontrollable fear, you can quickly enter the relaxed alpha brainwave state and regain control of your emotions and your thoughts. This is the key to avoiding anxiety!

In the alpha brainwave state, you can override that automatic response:

  • The brain releases calming substances, counteracting the tension-producing stress hormones.
  • When you’re calm, you can think clearly; and when you’re in alpha, you can use your mind in an enhanced way – that is, a whole-brain, holistic way. Doing this allows you to see the situation in a different light. It also opens you up to the intuitive guidance you need to make good decisions to solve the problem.
  • And most wonderfully, you learn to control your thoughts and emotions: The first step is recognition of the thoughts you are having, and agreement that the thoughts are not beneficial to you. The second step is to immediately cancel out those negative thoughts – simply by saying, “cancel, cancel!” The third step involves substituting the negative thoughts with thoughts that benefit you.

Are you aware that your brain is actually designed to change? It’s true! Every new bit of information, every new thought or experience, create new connections in your brain. The problem is, anxiety has created some pretty massive, efficient superhighways of neurological connections. These are what cause your automatic response to certain situations!

But the flip side of that coin is that your current “programming” is not permanent. You can, by entering alpha and using the Silva Method’s personal growth exercises, change your programming.

Instead of a default mode of anxiety, your default mode will be one of happiness.

Then, instead of going into a panic attack, you enter alpha, calm yourself, and meditate on solutions using your calm, whole-brain, genius thinking. You will be surprised at how quickly things start to fall into place for you – seemingly random occurrences, weird synchronicities and flashes of inspiration and intuition will start appearing and show you the way to solve the problem!

Overcome anxiety using the Silva MethodEntering the alpha state can be done anytime. Even just a few minutes can stop anxiety in its tracks and let you regain control of yourself. When you control yourself, you control your life experience. The mental control you learn in the Silva Method will give you the inner peace to deal with life’s unpleasant surprises in a healthy and proactive way; and the power of positive thinking will turn your life around. The more you meditate – or the more time you spend in alpha – the more you begin to feel in control, optimistic, balanced, alive, confident, calm, centered, empowered… and happy.

You don’t have to let life’s monkey wrenches cause you to live in a state of near-constant anxiety. Sign up for the Silva Method program and find out just how powerful mind control is in completely changing your life around – even with regard to situations you can’t control… because you can always control yourself and your response.

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