subconscious mind controlSubconscious Mind Control is about intensifying the voice of the subconscious mind. It is believed that being able to control the subconscious mind promises contentment and success to an individual. The subconscious mind is believed to be associated with an individual’s emotions and aspirations. It is the part of us who has a deep understanding of what we really want and how we are planning to get what we want. Our mind holds what we see and hear but it is the subconscious that holds what we really want. The emotions and experiences gathered by the mind are being relayed to our subconscious.

The mind may be inconsistent but the subconscious is consistent. Some believe that the subconscious is the creative part of our mind. If an individual is able to strengthen its voice, it will create an experience based on what the voice dictates. This is why the subconscious mind control is essential. For instance, some people get into failed relationships because they have fed their subconscious mind of thoughts that they will never have a good partner for their entire life. If one is always thinking that he might lose, then there is a big possibility that he will really lose.

There are different techniques developed to create a better communication between the mind and the subconscious to help us realize what we really want and how we can put it into action. Some of these techniques will guide one on creating a bridge of communication between the mind and the subconscious mind or on listening to the voice of the voice from within (the subconscious mind).

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This technique is mostly used by athletes or businessmen. This helps them enhance their skills by visualizing that they will win the game or the close a business deal. In this process, they imagine themselves the person that they want to be. For example, if the goal is to be a basketball MVP, one may imagine himself holding that trophy and the feeling associated with being a winner. Do these as often as you can. Once the subconscious get used to having that thought, it will guide you on achieving that MVP trophy that you desire.


This is one of the oldest techniques of controlling the mind. It helps calm and empower the voice of subconscious. It helps lead the thoughts to realize its true goals. Once peace of mind is achieved; an individual can focus more on the voice of his subconscious mind.

Mirror Talk

Another way of sending positive thoughts to the subconscious is by talking about it loudly. You may face the mirror and tell yourself words such as “I can do it” or “ I’m great!”. Avoid using words such as may, might, or if. All should be positive and sure.

Self Hypnosis

This technique will guide the subconscious to contact the conscious mind. It wakens the sleeping subconscious. Through hypnotism, the mind can hear nothing but the voice of the subconscious. After the hypnotism, the voice will be the guide of the mind to its action.

Follow your intuitions and dreams

Our intuitions and dreams are the messages that our subconscious mind is telling us. Intuition is the voice of our subconscious mind that is giving us the ideal solutions to our problems while our dreams are clues on what our subconscious really wants or the action that has to be done to resolve a problem. That is why there are some who sleeps under a depressed state but wakes up with a great idea to remove their depression. The solution may have been delivered by the subconscious mind through a dream or it may have arrived as soon as they opened their eyes. Either way, it was all because of the subconscious mind that was working while the mind was sleeping. In this modern time where almost everything can be done in an instant, the problem associated with subconscious mind control and the techniques to effectively manage it can not be achieved in an instant. Time is needed to practice and master them. A relaxed mind and body plus a quiet surrounding are needed to help a technique be successful. Once all these are achieved, one may gain a positive subconscious mind control and realize how powerful a mind can be.

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