How would your life change if you could uncover your subconscious fears and overcome them with a simple technique? Enhance your Silva Method self-reprogramming with a powerful technique called Project Taping – a home toolkit of 50 transformational exercises that combine psychological techniques and Tapping. What is Tapping? It is a method of stimulating the body’s energy meridians by physically tapping them with your fingertips.


How can something so simple be so effective?


tapping map

Meridian Tapping Map

The Meridian points stimulated by Tapping are the same points used by acupuncturists and other healers. According to ancient Chinese medicine, there are 20 meridian points spread throughout the body. The body’s life energy (also called prana, or chi) flows through these points. But the flow of energy can be blocked by fears and other negative emotions that manifest in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems.


The mind-body connection has been known for a very long time, but now science is proving that thoughts, beliefs and feelings have a significant impact on a person’s DNA! Tapping creates positive change on a cellular level by positively changing the non-genetic aspects of DNA.


The program focuses on eliminating subconscious fears and releasing them. Most people operate in the shadow of one, several or all of five common hidden energy-blocking fears: fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of losing your identity and fear of not being worthy. Do any of those sound familiar? Project Taping uses an effective holistic 5-step technique that combines classical psychology and Tapping – verbal commands and physical actions that reinforce each other’s potency, resulting in physical changes as well as deeper self-programming. The results are dramatic and lasting.


tapping massageSome examples of fears addressed in the Project Taping “Fear of Success” module are: I feel anxiety when I think of success; I am afraid to shine; I can’t trust my inner guidance. We are all in the same boat – held back by unconsciously programmed limiting beliefs. These exercises help you not only identify and release these beliefs, but find out how you acquired them in the first place – and 20/20 hindsight is priceless! You will laugh in relief as you realize how you came to believe what you believe. And you’ll find it easy to let those beliefs go.


Self-doubt, worry, anxiety and fear become non-issues as you free your blocked energy and reprogram your mind. You quickly become free to start achieving, earning, contributing and expressing yourself more and more. No more internal battles of wills; no more self-doubt accompanied by the pangs of regret. Just decisive action in the direction of your dreams. Project Taping helps you develop a strong wealth and success mindset; an ability to intuitively spot opportunities; and an ability to attract just the right people.


No matter your experience with self-programming and other tools such as meditation and visualization, you can benefit from Project Taping. Supplement your forays into the mind’s self-imposed limitations by uncovering the reasons for your fears. When you realize that many of your subconsciously-stored beliefs are not even yours to begin with, you are free to release them and reprogram your mind to hold beliefs that support your loftiest goals.


Project Taping is the perfect complement to your Silva Method exercises. You can use it to strengthen the effect of any self-reprogramming exercise and when you use it in conjunction with the Silva Method, your results will be accelerated even more dramatically. Your visualizations will be clearer; self-programming will be more effective; and you’ll feel the freedom of completely trusting your intuitive guidance.


Imagine hitting the big time. Having fun at work. Confidently walking into a room full of strangers. Achieving the goals you always secretly wanted. Living in abundance and joy. Having the peace of mind of financial stability. Fulfilling your purpose. Having the focus and drive to positively impact the world. Enjoying the fruits of your labors without a single twinge of guilt. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


Well, you can have it all! Order your copy of Project Taping and discover what this revolutionary technique can do for YOU.

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