Are you suffering from an energy deficit? It’s easy to get tired with a busy schedule and not enough time. If you’re struggling to get through the day, many factors may contribute to fatigue. Boost your energy to enjoy life, get things done and have “oomph” to spare with these tips:

Phase in one or two techniques every few weeks to create new energy-boosting lifestyle habits:

Meditate to get more energy!1. Meditate to rejuvenate the body, relax the mind and manage stress that drains you mentally, emotionally and physically. Use the Silva Method alpha level exercises to develop the mind mastery to override the automatic stress response.

2. Start the day with protein, not simple carbohydrates. Avoid breakfast bars, sugary cereals, bagels and pastries. Eat eggs, complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) and fat for sustained energy until lunch. Avoid simple carbs in general: the sugar rush leaves you bouncing around like a preschooler high on frosting… followed by an unpleasant sugar crash.

3. Exercise. Sedentary people lack energy. Your body is designed to be moved! Find a fun activity, start slow and stick with it. Exercise in the morning gives you an endorphin rush that puts you in a great, high-energy mood. You won’t need a caffeine jump-start and you’ll sleep well.

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4. Simplify and organize. Clear clutter from your workspace and living space. Lighten the load. How many hours do you work to buy something and store, insure, maintain and repair it…? How many of those irreplaceable hours were enjoyable? Keep only useful things that bring you joy – get rid of the rest. Prioritize your to-do’s. Focus your energies on important things. Delegate, put off or say no to everything else.

Work with your body's natural rhythms.5. Work with your body’s natural rhythms. Whether you’re a early bird or night owl, use your peak mental energy times to do important work and make progress on your goals. 30 minutes of intensely focused activity generates huge results!

6. Take a short 10-minute catnap but don’t get too comfy and zone out for the afternoon!

7. Laugh! Smile!

8. Change your socks. Giving your tootsies fresh, clean socks mid-day is a trick used by flight attendants to stay energized during long flights.

9. Listen to music while you work, especially if you sit for long periods. Listen to music you like, not what somebody says you “should” listen to (“classical music for focus, rock for energy”) Follow your musical bliss!

10. Socialize. Seek out high-energy, positive people. Avoid depressing, critical, needy/clingy, overly dramatic energy vampires!

11. Healthy afternoon snacks (nuts, yogurt or fruit) keep you going until dinner.

12. Hydrate. Blood becomes thick and sluggish when you’re dehydrated, making your heart work harder. A dehydrated brain physically shrinks, slowing mental processes! Imagine your cells as tiny water balloons. Keep them full and firm, not limp and wrinkled, for optimal physical and mental performance.

13. Walk. Refresh your mind and body by taking a brisk 15-minute walk (preferably outside) several times a day. Stretch, breathe deeply and move around frequently. Seeing the sun (or at least daylight) reminds your brain that it’s not bedtime yet.

14. Wear bright, happy, fun, energizing colors. Use these colors in rooms where you work or need to focus.

15. Use aromatherapy. Lavender, citrus and mint increase alertness and energy. Scent your workspace with essential oil of lavender. Add mint to your water (or drink mint tea) or infuse water with fresh citrus slices.Socialize with high-energy, happy people.

16. Get enough good quality sleep! Use the Silva Method to program yourself to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up when you want, refreshed and alert.

17. Wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. Want to sleep in on the weekends? Think about the FUN you could be having instead! It’s as important to make time for yourself (your fun, your goals, etc.) as it is for work. Use the Silva Method to manage your sleep and stay well-rested!

18. Careful with caffeine! Coffee is a stimulant that can become addictive. Avoid insomnia by drinking coffee in the morning only. Eating low glycemic foods helps prevent caffeine reliance. Tea is a better alternative(even black and green teas, which contain some caffeine).

19. Can the soda! Caffeinated or not, sugar- or artificially-sweetened, soda is a pure junk drink with zero nutritional value and containing health-damaging substances. Colas leach calcium from your bones, sugar rots teeth, artificial sweeteners are increasingly known to be toxic; sodas have been linked to obesity, ADHD, acne and other health problems. Infuse water with mint leaves or citrus wedges for flavor with zero chemical additives.

20. Avoid energy drinks! They’re loaded with simple sugars and powerful stimulants like guarana and caffeine. Unless you’re working out intensely for an hour or more, you don’t need them. Focus on improving your nutrition, hydration and lifestyle.

21. Graze. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. Avoid heavy meals that put you in a food coma.

22. Avoid lunchtime cocktails. Even one glass of wine or beer can make you feel sluggish later. Save the cocktails for dinner; and don’t drink to make yourself sleepy – you won’t sleep well.

23. Get a massage once a month if possible. Your body uses energy to deal with environmental, emotional and dietary toxins. Massage improves circulation to help eliminate them.

24. Splash cool water on your face for an instant wake-me-up!

Take frequent mini-vacations.25. Practice positive thinking. The Silva Method teaches self-mastery techniques to banish energy-draining negativity from your mind. Optimistic people are energetic and pessimistic people are lethargic!

26. Look good to feel good. Taking care of your appearance increases energy and confidence.

27. Take mini-vacations. Adding a day to 1-2 weekends every month (work schedule permitting) and doing what you WANT on that extra day leaves you with more energy than if you spend your precious weekends doing chores and returning to work on Monday as tired as you were on Friday. 3-4 day mini-vacations are more relaxing than an annual 2-week break!

28. Live with purpose. Listen to your intuition! Do what makes your soul sing. This takes courage and determination; the reward is phenomenal energy and happiness when you love what you do, the line between work and play becomes blurred or nonexistent.

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