Jose Silva’s Story

José Silva was born in Texas, and was the middle child of three, all of whom were raised by his grandmother. Never formally schooled, José learned to read and write by watching his siblings do their homework. As a young man, he learned radio repair through a correspondence course, which he took and completed in the name of one of his friends.

Jose Silva

Jose Silva

It was in the military, during WWII, that José had his first introduction to the field of psychology. He found it fascinating, and continued to learn as much as he could while also performing his duties as a soldier. It was the combination of training in electronics and his strong interest in psychology that eventually led to his discoveries in mind training and the Silva Method.

Mr. Silva knew, already, that the brain had within it a significant amount of electrical energy. He also realized, through his work with electronics, that the best electrical circuit was one that was least resistant. By applying this knowledge to improving the human mind, he reasoned that a quieter mind might actually be less obstructed, and, therefore, function at a higher level.
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Jose Silva’s work

The Silva Method was born. Over the next several decades, Silva experimented with his own children, using mind training techniques to lower the brain’s activity in order improve learning and memory. To his delight and surprise, their school grades did improve, as did their memory and behavior. It was during one of these experiments that José discovered his method could also teach humans to use ESP.

One night, while questioning his daughter about her school work, José was forming questions in his mind before presenting them to her aloud. Suddenly, she began answering questions before they were even asked. Mr. Silva knew he had made a valuable breakthrough and began using his method to help other children achieve the same results, including the ability to read minds.

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The Silva Method has been in use for almost seventy years, and discoveries are still being made. José’s original premise seems to have been correct. The brain does function better at a lower level of thought frequency. When it is in a state of calm and quiet, but still more independent and aware than in hypnosis, the mind is more susceptible to learning and memory, and can even bring great insight and hyper-awareness.

Silva died in 1999, but his legacy lives on through his daughter, Laura Silva, and his amazing contributions to the fields of self-help, psychology and parapsychology.

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