creative visualization techniquesThe ability to live out and manifest our dreams depends heavily on how well we can visualize our futures. What happens if some of us don’t have the imaginative skills others do, however? Does that mean we can never bring our hopes to life? For instance, some of us are genetically more imaginative and visionary than others. Does that mean we are doomed to being less successful?

Of course the answer is no. Although some of us really are naturally more equipped to use creative visualization, that doesn’t leave the rest of us in the dark. There are ways to boost our mental skills so we can picture things in better detail, and learn how to see and construct the reality we truly want. Using simple techniques, we can literally become better daydreamers, and this means we will be more powerful at manifesting our desires.

5 No-fail Creative Visualization Techniques:

1. The first thing you must do to increase your ability to see things in detail is get your mental focus in check. This means you prepare your mind for the visualization by making sure you are relaxed, without distraction, and you know what you want to visualize or see. Slow your breathing and your mind by focusing on your breath and counting each inhale for two minutes. Instead of counting on and on, just go to ten, then start back at one. You should feel incredibly relaxed and ready to direct your mind on any excursion.

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2. Being able to concentrate is extremely important, but you also have to plan your trip.This means knowing exactly what you are going to visualize. Having as many details as possible in your head will prove extremely helpful. Know what you will be wearing, what you will say, where you will be, who will be with you, and what will be going on. This is kind of like planning a scene for a movie. Doing this ahead of time will help you look up or research images you don’t already have in your mind. While you are doing your visualization exercise, there is nothing wrong with starting from a picture or a movie. The important thing is to use these as departure points. Certainly, you will have your own details and customizations to add in.

3. Although most people will tell you to have your eyes closed during a meditation, there is nothing wrong with having your eyes open, either. In fact, for some people, this is extremely helpful, and it is a great mental exercise. For instance, you can strengthen you ability to imagine by simply relaxing in a chair with your eyes open and then seeing yourself, in your mind’s eye, reach out and pick up or interact with the objects around you. Again, this isn’t something you will be physically doing, it is something you do mentally in order to strengthen your mental imaging skills. You can also simply stare at one object, blinking when necessary, while you daydream. As we said, some people find this much easier than eyes-closed visualization.

4. Instead of staring at a familiar object, some people find it easier to stare at abstract or geometrical shapes. This exercise helps us strengthen our capacity to recall and see things in our minds. You can try staring at a two-dimensional geometric shape, like a triangle and making it into a 3 dimensional pyramid, instead, or you can imagine three dimensional geometric shapes in your mind, spinning them and turning them from side to side.

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If both of these are too intense for you, you can start out a little easier by creating a high-contrast image to stare at. You do this by placing a dark or black shape, such as a circle or a triangle, on a piece of bright-white paper and placing it at eye level a small distance from you. Stare at it for several minutes, then close your eyes and see if you can picture it perfectly in your mind. Once you can do this, try staring out the window, at the couch, or at some other object, then close your eyes and recreate the scene in your brain.

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