The mind is powerful and capable of doing many things that doctors and scientists have yet to fully understand. Your mind can be used to help influence your emotions and attitudes.

What is Visualization

Visualization is a technique that can be used to help you achieve your goals. You can use the power of visualization to attain the things you most want.

Visualization is simply using the mind to see that which we want to achieve. By visualizing the things we want we can actually get them. People are finding out that the Universe can supply us with the things that we need if we ask for them. For example the Law of Attraction says that you will attract from the Universe that which you impart. Simply stated that means that the Universe will bring you the same energy that you put out there.

Visualization has long been used as a tool to attract what is needed and to help achieve goals. One of the best things about visualization is that everyone can use it. It is within everyone’s ability to learn how to visualize to achieve anything they want in life.

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How to use visualization

The key to visualization is to create a mindset that you already have that which you are trying to attain. When the mind thinks that you already have achieved your goal it is more apt to attract that very thing. Start by thinking about what it is you are trying to achieve. The visualization technique works best when you try to attract one thing at a time. If you try to use it for several things at one time the energy will be dispersed between the goals and you’ll likely get none of them.

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Creative visualization is similar to meditation. The process begins by clearing your mind of extraneous thoughts. You will need to focus all your attention on the goal that you are trying to achieve. Try to sit in a quiet room where you will be undisturbed for a short time.

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Next begin visualizing the goal that you are trying to achieve. Your thoughts should be focused on what your life would look like if you have already achieved your goal. For example if your goal is to have a new car visualize yourself with your new car as if you already own it. Think of you driving your new car, parking your car and doing all the things you would normally do with your car. The better and more realistic your visualization the better your chances will be of reaching your goal.

Keep visualizing the same goal until you attain it. The more often you visualize it the better. Try to use all your senses as you visualize. Picture yourself in your new car. Imagine the smell of the inside of your new car. Touch all the features, the steering wheel and dashboard of the car. Imagine opening the door and sitting in your car. Feel the way the seats feel against your skin. Turn on the engine and listen to it purr. Use all your senses as you think about what it is like if you had what you want.

Visualization can work to achieve goals but only if you believe in it. You must be able to totally put yourself into your visualization and stay focused on it. The more often you visualize the more likely you will be to achieve your goal. Also, the better your visualization is the better your chances will be of attaining that which you desire. Make your visualization seem as real as possible.

The mind isn’t able to distinguish between reality and non-reality. Therefore you can fool your mind into thinking that you already have what it is you want. Once you can achieve this state of mind you will be sending out positive thoughts in the same energy pattern as if you already have the goal. This will attract it to you more quickly. Use visualization to get anything you want.

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