Our Thoughts Shape Our Reality.

Take a moment and think about the above statement. Ponder over it and you would realize that it is as real as it gets. Our thoughts shape our reality. What if these thoughts were negative? What reality would we have? Would it be ideal for us?

The reason why this phrase is so important is that thought precedes manifestation.  Before you can have what you desire, you must think it.  You must align yourself in a positive position first and you do this through your thoughts.

You can increase awareness in your thought process now by answering the following questions:

  • Are your thoughts your own?  Or do they belong to your peers, family, and friends?
  • Is your self-talk supportive of your dreams, goals, and desires?
  • What are some of the beliefs that run your life?
  • What images are attached to your most persistent thoughts?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I want you to listen to this audio I made a while ago that fully brings out your consciousness to the forefront.  You will become more aware of how your thoughts are actually affecting your life and manifestations.

I want you to analyze your thought process, how does it affect your personality, and why people can instantly pick up on how you think.

Remember, whatever you focus on will expand in that direction.  With this audio, you will be able to direct your attention to what you want and get what you want. I will ask you more questions that will bring out your thought awareness and show you how to refocus your thoughts by changing your speech patterns, choice of words, and visualization.


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