I’ve always known that we have people from all walks of life attending our seminars and classes, but I particularly love it when journalists and writers attend our classes because, well, because then they will publish it in the newspapers! ;)

Back in 1972, a staff writer by the name of David R. Boldt at The Washington Post attended a Silva Mind Control seminar in 1972.

And I’m very happy to say that I found the article!

The Silva Mind Control was the earlier version of the Silva Intuition System, that also teaches you how to develop your intuition or clairvoyance skills. Those days, they were more familiarly known as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and psychic abilities.

In this report, David R. Boldt recalled almost every detail of his four-night, five day course he attended and how it has helped him as well as other Silva students who attended the seminar.

So now that I managed to get on here, you can read it too! Download the report here.


Download the Report Here

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