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Experience the powerful mental programming technique that connects you with your subconscious so you can solve problems and rewire yourself more effectively


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5 facts about the Mirror of the Mind:

This technique will give you an experience of active meditation where you are going to actively participate in the mental exercise. You’ll be amazed at how you can use your mind to find new ways of dealing with life’s daily challenges.

Whether you’re trying to solve a problem at work, make a crucial financial decision, or even if you need to resolve a disagreement with a loved one, the Mirror of the Mind is perfect for when you’re trying to fix or improve something in your life.

The Mirror of the Mind is one of the most popular exercises at Silva seminars. It can be adapted to virtually any scenario, and is easy enough to use to become a part of anyone’s daily schedule.

It’s called the Mirror of the Mind because the first thing you do after entering a deeper state of mind is imagine a full-length mirror. You simply need to pretend that you can see it, because this is where you’ll visualize the problem you want to solve.

At times, you’ll be asked to follow very specific instructions like moving your eyes a certain number of degrees to the side. Each of these instructions are engineered to give you the best results, and are the culmination of decades of research with millions of people.

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